The dashboard for your habits


Track all your habits in a glance

Dashbit is the only App helping you track your habits in an elegant dashboard.

Smart Habit Creation

Create your habits in a few seconds

No complex form to fill, just type your habit and Dashbit takes care of everything.


Get your habits done!

The Tasks view helps you stay on track by providing a familiar to do list.


For the calendar lovers

Habits using the calendar get their forecasts in the Planner, allowing you to plan ahead and ensure everything is looking good.


Health Support

Don't Repeat Yourself: Dashbit can read data from the Health App and update your progress accordingly. It supports Workouts, Mindfulness, Sleep and Activity rings.

Calendar Support

Like to plan? You can use the calendar to track any habit. Just keep your calendar up-to-date and your progress will show up as time goes.

Natural Language Processing

The Smart Habit Creation relies on Natural Language Processing to analyze and setup your habits as you type.


By offering multiple data sources, you can tailor each habit to your needs.

And more...

Dark Mode Support

Calendar Live Update