About Dashbit

Why 4 categories?

Dashbit is focused on the 4 pillars of a meaningful life:

  1. Health: mental and physical.
  2. Growth: learning new things, getting out of your comfort zone.
  3. Craft: mastering skills of any kind.
  4. Social: having an healthy social life.

Common Questions

Calendar Based Habits

It seems my progress is not updating

Ensure that you have selected the good calendar in your habits and you are tracking the correct event title. Also, you might want to ensure that your iPhone is syncing all events in the Calendar Settings.

Is the matching of events case sensitive?

No, so the matching system more resilient to typos.

What happens if I correct events in the past?

Dashbit always update the current year data, so if you change correct your events in the past, it's going to update your progress accordingly.


What do I get without subscription?

You get 3 habits tracking every year for free.

What does the subscription provide?

The subscription allows you to track an unlimited number of habits and get all upcoming features.

What happens when my subscription ends?

The app will revert to 3 free habits tracking a year. If you have more than 3 habits, only the first 3 habits created stays active.

Can I try Dashbit with all features unlocked?

Yes, Dashbit provides a free month trial so you can see if the App fits your needs.

How can I cancel my Pro subscription?

Follow this Link or go to the App Store > Account > Subscriptions > Dashbit > Cancel Subscription.


Does Dashbit collect or share any data?

No, Dashbit does not collect any data or share data.

What happens to my data when I delete the App?

The only thing stored by the app is your habits. So it will be deleted. No data will be left.

About the developer

Hi! I am Damien Petrilli, an indie developer operating under the company Coffea.